Relevance of equity today

The dispute between these two judges was submitted to King James I who upheld the injunction against the common law court and decreed the following: An example of this doctrine is equitable estoppel. He is a part-owner of 24 Hour Translation.

The result of that case was a stand-off between Chief Justice Coke the supreme authority of the common law and Lord Chancellor Ellesmere supreme authority of the court of Chancery — as the latter forbade the execution of judgement obtained in the common law court.

This gives rise to negative rights. Social protection should be provided to ensure that nobody drops below a minimum level of wellbeing, beyond which unmet need will create cycles of disadvantage. Equity plays an important part in this since, as far as opportunity goes, there are no hidden agendas.

Consequently, although this case was against the promissory estoppel, the company won the case. Their model consists of the following four components. We can only conclude that the limited focus on equity is a matter of domestic and international power imbalances.

Equity and Today

Any mistakes done in form-filling would most likely cause the claimant to lose the case as the law was too technical at that time—intentions are not taken into account. Progressive taxation can help, if the additional fiscal space created is used to fund interventions that will support equity.

If the order is refraining the party from doing something, it is termed as a prohibitory injunction. In the s, two important new remedies were created, which includes the search order and the freezing order. The sense of safety also fosters a sense of belonging. In that case a block of flats in South London was leased to a company for a period of 99 years, and the company then sublet individual flats to residents.

As it was developing, equity had no fixed rules and each Chancellor gave judgment according to his own conscience. As the Rees has taken advantage of the Builders Ltd, they had not come with clean hands.

For example, he who comes to equity must come with clean hands. Brand equity also provides some price protection because loyal consumers will pay more for the brands they admire. Where policy discourses draw on neo-liberal visions of development, principles such as equality of opportunity may be seen as important, but there may be ideological barriers to putting this agenda into operational.

Powerful brands like Disney, Apple and Nike have strong brand equity. Services should be free at the point of delivery wherever possible, and where this is not possible, arrangements should be made to ensure that poor people are not excluded.

The Importance of Equity to an Organization

Alongside with this effort, judges were sent to major towns to solve disputes of the general public by following the local customs. As well as being a bad thing in itself, this inequity has a negative effect on growth, poverty reduction, social cohesion and voice.

A meritocracy means that the rewards people get -- raises, bonuses, promotions and recognition -- are achieved through merit, not as a result of preferential treatment.

Is equity still relevant today? Essay Sample

A culture of meritocracy creates a win-win situation where employees become achievers and find their proper place in the company.

Brands that rank high on each factor have high brand equity. Because donors are separate from national power structures that may reinforce social, political and economic inequalities they can also have a disproportionate influence. As the Rees had taken advantage on the workers, they had not come with clean hands.

Equity Basics Equity is equal to value of an asset, minus any liabilities associated with the asset. Equity financing is a way that companies can gain access to a large amount of cash without having to take on debt.

Equity plays an important part in this since, as far as opportunity goes, there are no hidden agendas. Today equity is as vital and fruitful a source of principle as it ever was, because the fundamental notions of equity are universal applications of principles to continually recurring problems.

Equitable rights, interests and remedies remain in the law today. Abstract.

The Importance of Equity to an Organization

In this article, we take a look at why and how managers should communicate with their employees the value of scientific management and why it is still relevant today.

The relevance of Equity as a source of law today? There have been some new developments in Equity in the 20th century.

8 Strategies for Maximizing Brand Equity

These have occurred when the common law was defective and there was no statute that remedied the defect/5(1). The Relevance of Scientific Management and Equity Theory in Everyday Managerial Communication Situations Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Management Policy and Practice 13(3) The Relevance of Scientific Management and Equity Theory in Everyday Managerial Communication Situations Reginald L.

What is the relevance of equity today?

Bell Prairie View A&M University is still questioned today and managers’ convincing employees requires excellent managerial communication skills. This “convincing” may also raise ethical issues. Equity in law is the branch of jurisprudence most prominently associated with the Common Law system — though Equity will operate somewhat differently between those systems.

Broadly speaking, Equity is administered in tandem with the common law.

Relevance of equity today
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