Should america have been involved in

FDR wanted the US to become involved, but the best he could do was sell and lend instruments of war …to the combatants. Roosevelt was frustrated in his plans but continued to hope. Their supposed reason for entering the war had been to 'save Poland', which was turned into a Russian colony instead of a German one.

They should have been in for the duration. I still today believe that if we sign a treaty with a country, we have an obligation to honor that treaty. Would the US be a super power if it had not been involved in World War 2.

Ultimately the British would have had to come to terms with Germany and an armistic or peace treaty would have ended the conflicts in western Europe. If we signed a treaty with a country, we have an obligation to honor that treaty. Vietnam had been split in half inafter fighting awar to gain independence from France.

If we wanted to be viewed the same way as the other world powers, we needed to get colonies.

Why did the United States get involved in Imperialism?

The US entered the general war as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Economists report the Vietnam War cost the U. The active stage of the war ended on 27 Julywhen the armistice agreement was signed.

Byatthe height of the war, the United States had abouttroopsin Vietnam. They would surface and give the crew time to evacuate the ship before it was torpedoed.

Was the Korean War necessary? Should the US have been involved?

The opportunities to gain colonies were dwindling as other countries had already taken most land available for colonization. Johnson reported that North Vietnamhad attacked U. Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you.

Five Reasons Why the U.S. Should Not Have Invaded Vietnam

The turning point for Asia came in Dec. When did the US get involved in the Vietnam War. Arming these merchantmen was a violation of the naval rules of engagement.

Should America have been involved in the Vietnam War?

I feel that my Country betrayed me by not prosecuting other Americans who committed treasonous acts in giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Nonetheless, half the American public did not buy the trash from Britain, and polls indicated a lack of willingness for Americans to join the European war.

Japan also didn't have very good control over its military leaders, as General Tojo took his own action by attacking at Pearl Harbor. But the attack on Pearl Harbor pushed us officially into the war….

Ultimately this backfired on the British. Entry into World War I Women carrying peace banner during an international protest against war. Feb 23,  · 10 Reasons Why America Should Let Others Destroy ISIS and End Perpetual Military Involvement in Iraq By H.

A. Goodman U.S. troops have been in combat longer than at any point in American history. Jun 29,  · China emerged from the Korean War united by a sense of national pride, despite the war's enormous costs. The Chinese people were educated to believe that the war was initiated by the United States and Korea, and not by a fraternal communist state in the Resolved.

Agreeing to a point with Sam Swinton, in hindsight, the war should never have been fought.

History Faceoff: Should the U.S. Have Entered World War I?

But since every action (and inaction) has consequences, the realities of. There were many who claimed that we should have stayed out of the war, but Japan bombed us in Pearl Harbor. They wanted to control the Pacific and were planning to TAKE Hawaii even though their. But American membership in the League of Nations would likely not have stopped the rise of fascism, Nazism, or the Communist International—which, together, sowed the seeds of the Second World War.

Opponents of the Iraq War decried it as a “choice,” while supporters insisted on its “necessity.” Unfortunately, like many aspects of that debate, that framing was entirely wrong; America has faced vanishingly few wars of “necessity,” but some of our wars of “choice” have nevertheless been good choices.

Some, sadly, have not.

Should america have been involved in
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